What’s 2021 got 'in store' for us?

What’s 2021 got 'in store' for us?

I think we can all agree that 2020 was ‘interesting.’ And then we landed in 2021 with a bit of a bump! It was lovely to have some down time over Christmas, though, and spend some precious time with our little family, and I'm really feeling the benefit now. I hope you all managed to do the same. 

But, what’s 2021 got in store for us?

Well, despite the Pandemic, we might be delivered some great news this year (pardon the pun).

A 2021 ‘baby boom’ was predicted by Baby Magazine during the first lockdown, so I’m sure we’ll have some fantastic and imaginative names to look forward to. More about those later.

Are you part of the baby boom? Are you experiencing pregnancy during a lockdown, like some of us did last year? It’s certainly strange, but it will be worth dealing with any of the concerns you might have right now. Trust me, I know what you’re going through, I had lots of worries and concerns through the lockdown last year, and we came out smiling.

Or have you made the decision, like me, that you’re grateful with all you have now, and your family is simply perfect as it is?

It’s great to see some celebrities sharing their baby announcements, too.

If you’ve been checking in on Tik Tok or taken some time out to binge watch the huge choice of Netflix box sets (other TV networks are available!) you will probably recognise most of these names.

The likes of Meghan Trainor, Mandy Moore, Emma Stone, and the adorable Mrs Hinch will all be welcoming offspring into this crazy world. There will be some beauties amongst those new faces, no doubt!

Princess Eugenie has already introduced us to her firstborn. And there’s even more Royal productions soon to be seen too from Zara Tindall and of course Prince Harry and his already 'blooming' wife.   

What else is new for 2021?

Baby names

I let you into our secret naming process in one of last year’s blogs. We really struggled with it and left it to fate by tossing a coin in the end!

Looking at the names which are already trending this year though, you’ve got plenty of choice if you don’t already know what to call your little one.  

Girl’s names - distinctly feminine to start with, and all ending with an ‘a’ - Stella, Luna, Ariana, Ava, Mia, and Leah. Nothing too new or shocking there I don’t think, and all quite cute. Although Ximena came up as well. Not for me. But it might just tick your boxes.  

Then there’s the other girl’s names like Harper, Evelyn, Ivy, and Lucy. It’s all a mixture of trendy and traditional from what I can see.

Boy’s names are similar to last year’s with Noah, Joshua, Isaac, and Samuel all in the top 20. Other traditional names such as Steven, Michael, Andrew, William, and Oliver are still standing their ground. Although a more modern twist with Grayson is in the top 20 again this year.

Unisex - if you’re looking for less gender-specific names, how about Charlie, Alex, Taylor, Jayden, or Cameron?

And for something a little different but still (apparently) unisex, you can choose from Skyler, Angel, Justice, Sawyer, Devon, and Armani.

Moving forward through the Pandemic

Who knows what will happen in terms of social gatherings and get-togethers this year? Although there is an end in sight, so let’s keep each other positive.

I saw some amazing virtual gender reveal and baby shower photos across social media last year.

I must admit though, going through the pregnancy and birth was enough for me. I was actually quite relieved not to have to get dressed up and go out too often!

2021 – The Year of the Ox

So, what lies ahead for new babies? I am fascinated by the zodiac. And by the looks of Chinese astrology, any children born this year are going to be extremely fortunate. There could be some future leaders, who will be balanced and trustworthy. And not too chatty – you can tell neither of our boys were born as little oxen, there’s never a moment of peace until they have nodded off!

And if your little one is born on a Thursday (this year or any other), they are destined to be even happier and more successful still. OK, maybe I should have waited until a Thursday this year afterall?!

Designer Baby in 2021

As for what’s happening with us, Designer Baby has already grown way beyond our dreams. We are busier than we ever imagined, which of course I am eternally grateful for. And I am loving the fact that I can do what I always wanted, for all of you, and run DB as a true family business.

There is plenty more to come, with more new ranges and announcements. I’ll keep you waiting for those though. Let’s just get through the first couple of months, which is always the biggest challenge for anyone!

I’ll continue to keep you posted on what’s trending throughout the year in my blogs.

And if you're not already following us, it would be great  to see you over on our Instagram and Facebook too. You might even get some sneaky peaks behind the scenes, and see what me and the boys get up to!

Our own Designer Baby community is already growing with your support for our website and on social media. So, as for the rest of 2021 I am really excited and hope you are too?

With love from all at Team DB x