Truth About Those Last Few Weeks Of Pregnancy

Are you still just getting used to the idea of becoming a new mummy? Or are you in the last throes of your pregnancy as we speak?

Well, grab yourself a cuppa, and put your feet up. Because I’m going to tell you all about those last few weeks before your little person arrives. The good, the not so good, and some of the ugly!

I'd done it once already, but I can’t say our second pregnancy was the easiest for me. The business was really taking off. Our first little man trundling around. Pandemic struck. And there were definitely times I wondered what on earth we had been thinking.

But seriously though, I can’t deny it, pregnancy is awesome!

A few moments of pleasure (if you know what I mean) and suddenly, your entire life changes. A million times for the better.

Those first months fly by. There's so much to do. The nursery to paint. Eat. Clothes to wash. Eat. Nappies to buy. More eating. Midwife appointments. And everything on every list you’ve ever written comes together.

Boom! You’re finally ready for the last month.

Those of you who have been through it will no doubt have a little chuckle as you read on. Those of you who haven’t …. Well, I’m still here to tell you all about it, so it can’t have been that bad. And I went back for seconds!

How does it feel to reach your last month?

Time suddenly drags

It could be the fact that sleep has pretty much gone out the window by now. It could be that everything feels so uncomfortable. And that pregnancy ‘glow’ has sort of worn off.

It feels like the longest day, every single day. The longest night, because no sleep means more peeing (or is it the other way round?) and more scrambling to get up off the bed. Or the chair. Or the sofa. Or wherever you feel comfortable enough to sit - even just for a few minutes. But not the floor! No, don’t even try that one!

Sorry! I did say this one was going to be brutally honest though!

Baby’s kicks and Braxton Hicks!

What a combination.

The baby doesn’t just keep growing during these last few weeks. Baby changes position. Baby changes direction. Yes, you know when baby is on the move!

First time round it was like “what the heck?” He was a little kick monster in there. I knew he would be getting stronger. But every movement inside, by this stage, feels like the turning of the Titanic!

Oh, to go back to those first few little taps from inside this huge lump sticking out in front of me!  But now you have feet pushing so clearly you can draw round them on your tummy!

And they say to start looking out for signs of labour from now on too. Even knowing about Braxton Hicks. And having already experienced them. Doesn’t stop the giddy excitement. Is it time? Is my bag packed? Are we ready?

Nope. False alarm .... again.

Don’t look down!

Speaking of this huge lump in front of me – when did I last see my feet? Slip on shoes. Flip flops. Even wellies at one point! Any shoes that are easy to slip into will do. If you get the chance, treat yourself to a pedicure before it’s too late! You’ll not regret it.

And if you drop anything, with no one else around you to help. Guess what. Whatever it is can stay there 'til someone flies to the rescue!

Even I’m laughing now. Looking back and remembering the last weeks with both of my boys.

Do we have to go out?

I honestly have no idea how celebs keep up with fashion and look so stylish towards the end. I was almost relieved that we were in lockdown, and I didn’t have to worry about what to wear.

My rings came off before my fingers exploded. And I started to resemble the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters! Yep, the swelling is in full swing by now.

We live near the sea. We love to walk and take in the fresh air. Afterall, it’s good for us, right?

But as we walked along the foreshore. I’m there in the biggest baggiest clothes I could find and waddling along in my wellies. Any mention of beached whales and, trust me, even I could have gone into orbit!

And just as you want to keep yourself to yourself for the last few weeks of getting ready to shell this giant pea, everyone and his wife is out walking too!

But thank the lord for social distancing! I was saved from too many tummy rubs. Especially the ones which catch you by surprise, from complete strangers. What is it with a pregnant bulge? Everybody feels the urge to touch it!

And of course, everybody has to have a say about what to do, what to expect, and how you should be feeling.

Well, my lovelies, it doesn’t matter how you should be feeling. Only you know how you feel.

The end is in sight

Nearly there now. And for all the ‘less positive’ sides to being this pregnant, we just couldn’t wait for the little men to arrive, and our family to be complete.

By this stage, countdown is on. Hopefully, all will go to plan and your baby will arrive on time.

But remember, a due date is only an estimate. Panic not if you go over. It just means you have a little more precious time to keep baby all to yourself.

The miracle of pregnancy and childbirth is something I will never forget. Twice was enough for me. But meeting both our boys for the first time wiped any of my fears away.

I would recommend it to anyone.

And finally, no matter what stage you are now, take care of yourselves.

WIth much love, from all at Team DB x