Traditional, Family, or Unique … Naming Baby! Or Simply Toss a Coin?

Oh boy! Was this stressful for us! They tell you it should be one of the most enjoyable moments when you’re choosing your baby's name.

But, and there’s no easy way to say this, it can be brutal!

What will everyone think?

I mean, it should be down to personal choice, right? But then everyone takes it personally if you don’t choose the name they thought of.

You can’t decide whether to go down the traditional, family, or unique route for naming baby, so how on earth do you decide?

The choice of names, from the traditional to the trendy, can be a trial.

Cute to eco-friendly... it can be exasperating (yes, there really are names fitting into an ‘eco-friendly’ category).

Whatever you call the process, naming your baby must be one of the most challenging things about bringing a new-born into the world!

Unless you have decided at an early stage, and stick to your guns, you’ll get bombarded with so many differing opinions, each having their own reasons for swaying you towards their choice. And, believe it or not, it’s often the baby’s grandparents who are the most vocal and will disagree during this process too!

“That can’t possibly be a name, surely?” Or “Why on earth would you want to call a grandchild of mine by that name?” and “Do you actually know what that word means?!”

So, you sit down with your tablet or your book of names and think ‘yep, tonight is the night we’ll nail this!’ And then all you find yourself doing is  scrolling, turning the pages, laughing out loud at what baby’s initials will be if we use that combination of names!

It’s really not as simple as you think it will be.  

So here are some hints, just to make sure you don’t regret your decision when its too late – oh and before ‘baby brain’ sets in so you can’t think what your own name is, let alone conjure up another one for another you!


Considerations when naming baby

Family names – is there a tradition you want to continue with a family name? How about you choose the first name and use the family name as a middle or hyphenated name?   

Initials - write them down to see what they spell out. For example, Sarah Olivia Smith (SOS), Benjamin Andrew Drake (BAD), Alicia Sophie Stewart... do I really need to go there with that one? But you see what I mean?

Spellings - Freia and Freya. Stephen and Steven. Georgia and Jorja. If you’re going to constantly be correcting the spelling of baby’s name, then this is something they will have to live with. And pronunciation too. I’ve always loved the name Siobhan, but oh my! Trying to explain how it sounds and how to spell it can’t be easy!

Say it Outloud - how will the name sound when you say it aloud? Will you be proud to shout it out at school Sports Day or hear it announced on graduation day? Or, will the poor child be cringing and prefer to use a different name altogether?

Sibling sounds - what will baby’s name sound like as they grow up and you’re shouting them in from the garden along with their brother or sister, or calling them down for tea? Do their names trip off the tongue, or will they cause a tongue twister?!

Nicknames – we all know how adorable children can be. But you must admit, they can also be a little bit cruel! So, think about nicknames that your child could pick up in the playground and then potentially be left with throughout their life. Some may be hilarious at the time, but others not so.

Pets’ Names and Ex’s – sorry, but it has to be mentioned! Most of us steer clear of names we’ll only ever associate with that goofy dog from next door, or your favourite cat, but worse … the ex-partner who neither of you will want to remember. But then..., it might also be quite amusing to watch the cringes from the in-laws! And who knows, you might actually grow to love it?


2020 Trending Names

Here’s a selection of the trending names for 2020, which might help you a little more than they helped us with our decision!

Traditional Names

Arthur, Matthew, Jacob, Samuel, William, Henry, Max, Oliver, Andrew, and Charles

Grace, Charlotte, Emma, Molly, Florence, Lily, Alice, Victoria, Elizabeth, Edith, and Mary

Unique and Eco-Friendly Names

Remington, Grayson, Brandon, Hudson, Roman, Braxton, River, Hero, Maverick, and Jett

Luna, Willow, Aurora, Jasmine, Stella, Iris, Olive, Isla, Poppy, Aria, and Violet

Of course, the choice of names is often affected by whatever is happening in the world at the time, so unsurprisingly names associated with Corona, such as Rona, and Corona itself make an appearance in some of the trending lists! Lockieand Lochlan, linking to babies conceived and/or carried through Lockdown, are also making a comeback.

But whichever route you choose - traditional, family, or unique – make naming baby your choice.  

Or, you could just be like us.

Simply toss a coin and leave it to fate to make the decision for you!