Tips For Newborn Baby Clothing

Of all the things I’ve written about over the last few months, from being pregnant in the pandemic, naming your baby, pregnancy second time around, and Lucy’s life with twins, one thing I’ve not yet mentioned is my top tips for your newborn baby clothing. You know that one really obvious thing that you’d think I would have talked about first, it being my life!!

Because Designer Baby is in my veins, I guess I was always going to be fully in control of what my boys were going to wear even from before their very first scans. So, I didn’t need to think about it too much.

But for other mums-to-be, it’s probably one of the first things you think about. Visions of mini wardrobes lined up with dazzling white, pale yellow, baby pink or sky blue ‘matchy matchy’ sets. Drawers piled up with baby grows and muslin cloths.

Oh, and baby clothing seems to be first on the minds of everyone around you too.

So, before you know it, you’re inundated with romper suits, booties, hats, mitts, and cardigans lovingly knitted by grandma. And every other item of clothing and accessories your friends and family see, and just “must” buy for baby straight away!

But grateful as you always are for these gifts, it can get quite overwhelming. And tempting, too, to go out and buy everything yourself anyway. Especially if this is your firstborn.

You don’t need to get carried away and spend a fortune. But there are some absolute essentials – the non-negotiables in the world of newborn baby clothing!

So, I’ve put together some hints and tips that I know will be useful.

Size does matter

First thing to remember is that your baby will outgrow their ‘newborn’ wardrobe very quickly. And although newborn sizes start at 0, baby’s birth weight and height will dictate what size clothing they will need. Premature and small babies may be swamped in a size 0, whereas others could go straight into 0-3 months.

This is something to mention to friends or family who are likely to be dropping clothes at your door. I always recommend anyone who is gifting baby clothing to go for larger sizes, such as 3-6 months, to give the baby something to grow into, and mummy something to look forward to.

Keep it simple

Feeling all fingers and thumbs whilst dressing your newborn is scary enough. You don’t need finicky fastenings making things even worse!

If you’re a first-time mum, you might be surprised at how many times you’re changing your baby’s outfits each day. In fact, it can feel like you’re changing baby’s clothes in your sleep (and you may well be!) So be kind to yourself, and them, by sticking to simple poppers or zips. You’ll save so much time and energy. Trust me!

Sleeping soundly

Speaking of doing things in your sleep, don’t forget that for the first few months, babies sleep a lot too. Frustrating as it can be when you want to keep them awake so you can watch every single precious movement! But they need to be as comfortable as possible, to give them the best chance of nurturing and growing while they snooze.

Lightweight and breathable, natural materials are best. You can always layer up or remove extra layers depending on the temperature.

What should my baby wear at night?

Keep this nice and easy with cotton vests, baby grows and sleepsuits.

I’d say at least seven or eight of each if you can (remember your days and nights will be ruled by their body clock, so it’s worth having a few of each on standby to avoid panic washing!)

Sleeveless full body vests in the summer, which you can always add layers to if you need. And don’t forget to stick to the zipped and popper ones if possible.

Swaddles are another firm favourite for a newborn. It’s just like being wrapped in mummy’s womb and prevents them from being startled when they awake. Safe swaddling has so many benefits, just remember to leave baby’s neck and head free, don’t wrap them too tightly as their little limbs need to be able to move, and they will love it.  And watch for them getting overheated. Read more about safe swaddling here.

Sleep sacks or sleeping bags are just like a blanket they can wear. Because the sleeping bag is wrapped around them, it gives us the additional comfort that they can’t kick the cover off whilst they are asleep, leaving them cold during the night.

There is a minimum weight size though, so check this before going ahead if you have a small or premature baby.

Daytime newborn baby clothing

Babygrows are the absolute go-to! Practical, safe, and super comfortable. And great for adding layers to if you need to create extra warmth in the winter months.

Rompers are similar to babygrows, but generally with long sleeves and long legs. Because of the footless design baby can move around quite freely, and as they are available in many colours and styles, they are fab for when you’re out and about. Especially easy for changing too with our favourite fastenings – good old zips and poppers!

I would recommend at least two cardigans or jumpers which I just adore in tiny sizes. They’re always handy to have for adding colour, comfort, and cosiness on top of any of your newborn baby clothing. With the beautiful stylish designs now available, even your tiniest baby can be a little trend setter!

Trouser sets and dresses – for when you want a something different. A little pair of leggings under a dress will keep her legs warm. But remember to keep them easy to change, soft around baby’s tummy, and practical for you too.

One seasonal coat will be sufficient at the rate that a newborn is likely to grow. So, a winter snowsuit with plenty of beanie hats (cotton, with at least one knitted hat if possible) and mittens, or a shawl or lighter coat with sun hats for the summer would be ideal.

We are currently launching our new seasonal range, so you'll be ready to start facing the world once again!

Baby clothing accessories

Scratch mittens – some babygrows are designed with mittens attached. Otherwise, little mitts are recommended to stop baby breaking their skin. With such delicate layers, they tend to scratch quite a lot as they are exploring their senses, and it doesn’t take much to catch their skin. Plus, they look so cute!

Hats – essential in the summer to protect their delicate skin, and obviously to keep their tiny heads warm in the colder weather.

Baby socks and booties – although they may not be wandering anywhere just yet, baby still needs to keep their feet warm. And again, bearing in mind how busy you will already be, I would recommend at least one pair per day (or in my case hundreds of spares!!)

And of course, where would we be without muslins?! Save your baby clothes (and yours) from the inevitable by having a huge supply of muslin cloths, which no new mummy should ever be without!

Designer Baby’s top tip for newborn baby clothing

Just have fun! This is a special time, no matter how many siblings your newborn may have, and how many times you have prepared yourself for a new arrival, as each baby is different. You'll start to notice little characteristics very quickly (once they get past all the sleeping!) So, let your newborn baby clothing bring out their personality, create their own style, and let them shine like the precious bundle they are.

With much love,

All at Team DB x