Interesting facts about your April, May, and June babies

In the infamous words of the Jungle Book song: “You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and don’t mess with Mister In-between.” Well, our spring babies should be Jungle Book lovers, because they’re born and bred with that attitude!

What to expect from an April baby

What better way to start your spring off than with a newborn? Just like the lambs playing out in the fields, the crocus and tulip beds are starting to bloom, and the weather is turning.

Optimism – So, if you’re a couple of months into life with your spring baby, I’m sure you are starting to see them blossom? Admittedly, getting used to being awake through the night, and constantly being in demand, you might not quite be feeling that way yourself! But it is a genuine fact that April babies are amongst the most upbeat and optimistic.

I guess you would feel pretty jolly if you were born in a month that starts with a joke!

But they’re healthy babies too, with little sign of illnesses. And some great days of celebration in April too – No Housework Day, Husband Appreciation Day, National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (that’s Peanut Butter and Jam for us Brits!), and World Earth Day to get involved with. As usual for the April fools, there’s always some funny ones thrown in with the more serious!

Written in the stars – with April babies being either Aries, who you’ll find become active and confident little personalities (although toddler time can get a bit tetchy!) or Taurus, the bull of the zodiac. Mostly cheeky little cherubs, quite happy, grounded, and fun-loving, their bullish tendencies can shine through with a hint of stubbornness. Be aware!!

Diamonds and Daisies – April’s birthstone is the diamond, which means “invincible.” And even greater is that your little gem shares their birthday month with the Queen. So, if you notice a little bit too much confidence, you can’t blame them! And they’re also lucky enough to get two birth flowers in their month – daisy and sweet pea – so all in all they’re signifying some great things for your April baby. Innocence, loyalty, love and purity and a life of “blissful pleasure.” Who wouldn’t feel confident with all that to come?

Careers – well, they have the world at their feet, and as they’re not destined for any specific career (if the Office of UK Statistics have this as evidence, then don’t expect them to know what they want to do when it comes to parents’ evenings or careers sessions!) it’ll be the sheer optimism and confidence that can pull them through whichever route they decide to take.

With an April babe, you’re in for a fun ride, some proud moments, and loving little diamonds in all of them!

May your baby bring blue skies

Absolutely! A May baby means enthusiasm, strength, and kindness – the Taurean baby (born between April 20th to May 20th) might be a little bit bullish, don’t forget, but oh, so reliable and trustworthy. And the Gemini babe (May 21st to June 20th) will bring you a quick wit, energy, and entertainment all the way. Again, I’m starting to wonder if JJ was born in the wrong month! Stubborn as …..., a bull in a china shop at times, with the wit and intelligence to wrap us around his little finger at every opportunity – but maybe they’re all the same?!

Of course, the Gemini twin is known to show two sides to their personality, so along with this positive, happy-go-lucky nature, you might find they struggle with nerves in large circles and social gatherings.

Super sweet and rare – you could describe your May baby this way, and with Lily of the Valley being their birth flower, the sweet scent and delicate nature of the flower is them to a tee. Their birthstone is the rarest of the gems – the Emerald – symbolising love, harmony, inspiration, and wisdom. A pretty good all-rounder!

Careers – with their versatility and creativity, no wonder their careers are an open book. Anything to do with the mind like banking, accounting, research, or science could be on the cards for a little Taurus bubba. Exploration, nature, and travel might be where the Gemini baby sees themselves heading.

Either way, their tenacity, desire to stay up late into the night (be prepared for that one, mummy, if you have either a May baby!) studying and working hard will get them to where they want to be. David Attenborough, Adele, Superman all appear in the May birthday list. So, May will not only bring you blue skies and warm weather, but a beautiful bouncing baby who sees nothing as too much of a challenge, is ready to take on the world, and sheer determination will see endless possibilities as far as prospects are concerned.

You’ve got a good one there! Mind you, we’ve all got good ones and we love you all just the same, don’t you ever forget that precious little ones.

June babies are born to shine

Born in the sunniest season, June’s newborns bring a ray of sunshine, a sense of humour, the joint Gemini twists, along with the crabbiness (literally, I’m afraid) of the Cancer star sign.

Three jewels in the crown – yes, not just the one, or even two birthstones, but June babies have three! Moonstone and colour changing alexandrite (which, I admit, I’d never even heard of) both symbolise love, luck, and good fortune, intuition, imagination, and creativity in abundance. Ooh this sounds interesting! But then, the pearl brings them wisdom (even I knew that) and peace in addition to more love and luck. Crikey, they really do have it all going for them!

It's all love and roses – as if there wasn’t already enough love flowing in your June baby, their birth flowers are roses and honeysuckle. Magical romance, happiness, and devotion all right here too.

But if you’re looking for inspiration from other June babies, you couldn’t find more interesting stories than those coming from Anne Frank (her story is amazing, and definitely worth Googling), Meryl Streep, and Henry VIII – I think he had his fair share of love and romance in his time! As for famous ‘Junies’ of our time, Cheryl Cole, Ariane Grande, and Lionel Messi might give you a hint as to how much your June baby could achieve, with the creative slant and love of attention, they could be heading for stardom.

Careers – speaking of heading for a life of stardom, June is said to be the most successful of the year. Geminis are wonderful in the hospitality industry, taking care of others, interior design, lawyers, and sales (possibly thanks to a talent for talking …. a lot!!) Cancers are creative and can problem solve whilst multi-tasking, but need to be around the right people, which only they will know as soon as they find them. Rest assured though, if it’s not right, they simply won’t stay.

Even if your Gemini baby is indecisive, their natural flair and bright sunny personality will allow them to shine through in their chosen career. Maybe even to Nobel Prize Winner or red-carpet status!

There’s no other love like it

That’s six months done and dusted already. And I’m sure you’ll agree that no matter when your baby decides to pop into your world, there’s absolutely no love like the love you feel at that moment. A love you don’t think you’ll have enough of to share around. And moments you don’t ever want to forget.

Star signs, birth flowers, career choices, and personalities are all out there already. Their little lives are mapped out, and we simply nurture our babies along their way. It's a belief that you choose your parents, and I'm sure glad that Jenson and Tommy chose me and Chris. They're our world, and as parents, we want to do the very best we can for all of our children, so I hope I bring even a little bit of something extra in my blogs, to lighten those moments of peace when you finally get to sit down, put your feet up, and grab a cuppa. Or maybe you have your baby hanging off you as we speak?!

More to come next month, so if your baby was born in July keep an eye out. In the meantime, stay safe, stay happy,

With much love, from all at Team DB xx