Decorating Your Nursery?

Our How to Guide will help you through!

Decorating your nursery is another of those exciting jobs on the ‘To-Do List’ and one I couldn’t wait to start! Afterall, it's a mother’s natural instinct to ‘nest’ and so creating a place for baby to feel safe and secure is high on that list.

Whether it’s going to be the room your baby will grow up in and go from basket, to crib to big bed, or simply somewhere you will feed, change and dress them in the early stages, it can make all the difference to their first experiences of life.

Imagining the peace and tranquillity as you rock baby to sleep after their night feed, that precious time alone with them in the silence of the night. So before we even think of themes or schemes or colours, if there’s one piece of advice I would give for baby’s new ‘sanctuary’, it’s to make it somewhere you are comfortable to spend time in yourself.

In the same way as you choose your baby’s name though, there are so many views on the favourite or most appropriate way to decorate their little place! I mean, do you go for cutesy Princess pinks and golds or boy blues with sports or jungle themes? Do you stick with naturals and neutrals to keep the peace and comfort around them or because you don't yet know what sex your baby is going to be? Or do you go for a room filled with bright exciting colours and lots of stimulation for their minds to contemplate and their eyes to see.

So, when decorating your nursery – what comes first:

Have you thought about your budget?

If you’re heading into this with the biggest dreams of perfection for your baby, and I don’t blame you for that, I’m afraid you might be surprised at how quickly it can start to add up. So, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with the DIY!

Any areas you can save the pennies will be quite important right now, so make a list first of the items you really do need, and then think about how you can work around them to create your perfect space. It really doesn’t have to work out to be too expensive if you plan it properly.

Nursery necessities – cot/crib (or basket to start with), mattress and bedding, changing mat, changing station so you can stand (essential to protect your back), storage (plenty of it!), and that can't do without comfortable chair for feeding – yes, that’s definitely a necessity! And of course, just a practical point - any fabrics you add into the room should be easy clean - for obvious reasons!

 Trust me, after just having my second little bundle of joy, I am more than experienced in making the most of everything we already had in place! And suddenly the word ‘repurposing’ can take on a whole raft of meanings. From chairs being recovered, dressers repainted, to simple wall murals instead of complete redecoration. It is an amazing feeling when you look back at your creation and know you’ve not broken the bank!


How do you want it to feel?

This special space should be calming. And sometimes less is more. The least amount of clutter will naturally make for a relaxed atmosphere. And when baby is laid down to sleep the last thing you want is for their developing inquisitiveness to get the better of them!

So, at least for the first few months, keep the area surrounding their slumber to be a place of comfort and quiet. You can add to the ‘feel’ of the nursery as baby starts to grow. And consider whether this is a room in which they will stay as they progress to toddler, and then onwards too. Is it somewhere they will still feel secure and happy to be sleeping on their own?


How much space do you have?

Can you make the best use of what space you have by looking for practical furniture? Even if your nursery will be part of a larger room with a different main purpose, this area can still be so special.

Think of a storage unit or dresser that doubles up as a changing station, or will you have space to make the most of a floor area? You will need a secure basket or crib (cot in old terms!) but do your research, as safety is of the highest importance here. And keeping the space tidy – plenty of drawers, storage boxes or crates and baskets, all of which can be arranged to suit the décor.


Natural, neutral, or bright colours?

The beauty of going for natural and neutral colour schemes is that you can fill the room with soft layers, bringing the warmth and comfort that you and baby will crave.

But if you’re not so keen on plain colours, then why not go for boosting the room with extras? Baby’s initials in big letters can be a great focal point, mobiles, prints, blankets, rugs, curtains and cushions can all bring extra colour without causing extra work and decorating as baby starts to grow and you might want to give them a room with a more ‘grown up’ feel.

Staying neutral also means that if any future additions to the family come along, you can save time and money with minimal changes. Even just changing bedding or nice little extras might be all you need.


Gender Neutral or Specific?

Modern, fairy tales, Disney, Winnie the Pooh, and of course the beautiful traditional Tales of Beatrix Potter... which can all be designed for boys and girls. Oh, I have such wonderful memories of Peter Rabbit, Jeremy Fisher and Mrs Tiggywinkle!

 You can even design so that your chosen theme for the room can continue into baby’s wardrobe too if you want to feel a complete connection. Even with my research for the business, I was amazed at how much choice there is now compared to when we had our first child.  

You can add murals, mobiles, and other effects as they get that little bit older. Or else you can keep it as neutral and natural as you like.


Aiming for a Peaceful Sleep?

Mobiles are wonderful stimulation but can sometimes also mean your little person might take longer than hoped for falling asleep. And of course, there is the safety aspect to think about too.

 And think about the light and shade of the room too when decorating your nursery. The position of the doors and windows. A lovely light area with plenty of natural daylight would be ideal, but if you don’t have windows or natural light you can make some amazing effects with modern lighting. Enough to create sufficient light during the day, but also soft enough at night to keep baby calm when feeding or sleeping.

 And finally, blackout blinds in great designs, are a perfect solution for any nursery windows. They’ll even block the daylight during daytime naps.


Decorating Your Nursery in Summary

Create a peaceful place where you and baby can just feel chilled! It’s my sanctuary and somewhere to escape the world – yes, I’ll admit, it serves 2 purposes!

But seriously, it has to be a place where you can spend special moments bonding and creating special memories, so when decorating your nursery think not only about the little one, but about yourself too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and remember, you’re never on your own.