Babies’ personalities - do we have a say, or is it already written in the stars?

With the Euro’s on, and Father’s Day coming up, I was looking at my boys over the weekend and wondering what are the chances that they’ll grow up just like their daddy?

I mean, I’d love to think both the boys will grow up just like Chris – caring, loving, proud, a great big softie, and would do anything for his family. He’s ambitious, and he supports my business in exactly the same way he runs his own, with total commitment. And he, like me, loves our precious family time. No matter what we’re up to, he tries his best to always be there with us and talks about the boys constantly.

But were the futures mapped out for our babies before they were even born?

It might seem like a completely random thing, but it got me thinking about the times of year they were born, and whether that influences their personality, character traits and life, before we even have any impact on them ourselves. So, I thought I’d look into some facts around babies born (or due) in each month, just to see if either of our little munchkins are showing up in the world already the way they are destined to, or at least so we’ll know what to expect along the way! I used to think it was all in the star signs, how their careers would pan out, love life, characteristics, and all that. But I didn’t realise there was so much more to it than that.

If it feels a bit ‘woo-woo’ to you, it really isn’t. I found it intriguing and can see certain things revealing themselves already.

So, the next couple of blogs are going to look at babies born in January to June (that’s one of mine covered off then as a February baby), and then I’m going to add a couple of facts about babies born each month as my next blogs come out, through to December. Have a look and see what you think.

January babies – a perfect start to your year

January is the start of new beginnings, the time for resolutions (whether we stick to them or not!) and generally picking ourselves up again and getting things back in order after the craziness of Christmas. So, maybe that’s why January babies are known for being such great fun! If you are due in January, be prepared for one of the funniest and entertaining of characters, hitting the ground (not literally, we hope) with a smile on their face.

Calm and creative - They are dry, sarcastic, and far less ‘tetchy’ than many others. Something to do with the weather? Possibly so. Cool, calm, and creative little characters. In fact, the life of a baby born in January will be pretty much stress free as they find the world easy to cope with.

Independent – they often want to take on the world all alone, with a little bit of feisty independence, which can sometimes get out of hand, as they think their way is the best way. Capricorns can be a little stubborn, but this could come from their hesitance to put their trust in others. It is what it is. But it also gives them the skill of leadership, logic, and a knack of knowing not to tolerate nonsense!

As for the Aquarians, they are highly likely to hit the headlines (in a good way, you’ll be pleased to know) as fame is their potential destiny!

Careers – problem solving is something that comes naturally whether they are using their logical or spatial intelligence alone or creating something magnificent. In addition to finding fame, potential careers for January babies will include this imaginative creativity, and apparently doctors, debt-collectors or engineers are likely paths to achieving greatness.

They will still need to work hard to achieve their success though, but a happy little baby is heading your way if you are due in January, or are you already seeing this as their character is developing? I read this at first and thought maybe Jenson (JJ), our first born had arrived early. He makes us laugh constantly and I’m pretty sure he is going to be on the stage when he is old enough to get up there by himself!

February – the Valentine or Leap Year baby

Our Jenson was born on 24th February, so he is a Pisces – the little fish. Those babies born before 21st are Aquarians, but our little JJ really is as it says on the tin for a February baby. Curious, sensitive, and always wanting to please.

Unique - The moment he appeared, we were convinced he had been here before. He’s one of those little chaps who just seems to “know.” And there is definitely something unique about him. I know you can be a bit biased when it comes to your first baby, but the novelty never wears off, and he brings us something new and amazing every day. He certainly stands out, and we are already encouraging this in him, in the loveliest way, so he will be proud of himself.

They show compassion and emotion beyond their little years, even from an early age, and can be quite tearful. Yet their strength, determination, and resilience mean the tears are soon gone, and they are looking for something else to bring to you, some other way of showing how much they love you, and someone else to charm with their thoughtfulness and consideration. One thing’s for sure, you’re almost guaranteed a Valentine’s Card from your February baby boy, as he will always want to make you feel loved and appreciated. And as he grows up, you can be assured that some lucky boy or girl out there is going to be over the moon with a show of love and affection from your February child. Aahh ….

Brutally honest – a few of these points can be taken with a pinch of salt I guess, but a February baby will tell the truth more often than not (ok, possibly not when it comes to who ate the cake, when he’s sitting on the floor with a face full of melted chocolate, surrounded by crumbs, and little dumpy fingers which have clearly been digging right into it, but adamant it was his daddy!) They can come across as a little blunt when they find their way and find their voice, but you know with them where you stand, and they only want the best for everyone around them.

Cheeky chops – February brings a mix of an adoring and compassionate baby, along with another side to them that can be slightly naughty. Not in a constant needing to tell them off way, nor aimed towards people, but more rebelling against rules or routine. Possibly because they are looking for an alternative way to get around a problem, and don’t want to follow the strict guidelines. It’s worth being aware of so you can look out for it and rein them back in when they need it.

But don’t let their creativity be quashed, as this could be something they will continue to utilise their whole life and can be used as their escapism if the world seems cruel at times. They need an outlet for their huge emotional side, so once the tears have flowed, they could turn to music, dance, art or another creative hobby or career.

Careers – speaking of careers, February born babies are great at anything to do with the arts (ah right then, now I’m starting to believe these descriptions even more as Jenson is a performer, without doubt!) Innovation is a characteristic that can lead them to science and inventions, Thomas Edison being a case in point, and life would be pretty dark and dim without him!

Whatever career path they take, your encouragement and support will take them to the top, and even if they fall a few times along the way, getting back up to face the world again is in their blood. You will be proud.


Blooming March babies

With the daffodil as their birth flower, hope is their symbol. Either the friendly and loving Pisces (as mentioned for February babies), or more energetic and lively Aries, these little ones are smart!

Intuition is huge for them, and they’re ahead of the game in every way (maybe JJ was born too early then?!) But, always used in the right way, it can be their biggest strength. Their optimism will see them through difficult times, and with so many friends and such loyal support around them, they’re onto a winner.

Kind and generous – their nature is one to help, with a pure heart and generosity you will rarely see a selfish action from a March baby. Because of this, you can be comforted by the fact they will be surrounded by friends who adore them. This goes even further though, as they remain faithful and honest with the ones they love. And might even steer clear completely from people they don’t like or trust. Another one who is possibly beyond their years and has been here before.

Peace and quiet – although they will have many friends, peace and solitude are also important. If you see your little munchkin on their own in a corner somewhere, reading, writing, or drawing, don’t be too concerned. They are happy in their own company, which is a great trait, and might be more comfortable in a quiet space than surrounded by loud and lary people!

Careers – because they are so creative and optimistic, March born babies can find themselves easily adapting to most situations. Arts, music, and travel may come into their career plan. High flyers? Definitely. In fact, becoming a pilot isn’t out of their reach, as well as the heading for the heights of top management and even CEO status.

They are born leaders, so encourage them to follow their dreams and their career choice will be successful.

And finally ...

First time mum, mummy of many, or expecting your baby sometime in the future, we are all in this together. A baby is one of life’s miracles, and I will never forget the feeling of first finding out we were having a baby. We knew no matter whether we were having a boy or a girl, we would fall in love more than either of us had ever loved before. And we have done it all over again with little Tommy Jay (he’s an August baby, so we have his characteristics yet to come).

I have no doubt that you feel the same with your little ones. Unconditional love. Sheer adoration. And the ultimate goal to give them the best, so they become the best they can be.

Here at Designer Baby, we love the family feel and hope that you find the blogs interesting and informative. Next time round, it’ll be April, May, and June babies, so look out for those. Then, much more to come!

In the meantime, stay safe, stay happy,

with much love from all here at Team DB xx