Baby’s First Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I love Christmas – the sounds, the smell, the colours. And this year it’s our first Christmas as a family of four – all my boys together.

It’s quite hard to say what was most special about Christmas with my first little man, because there was so much going on. The lovely thing is this year he is that little bit older and will be able to understand a bit more of what’s going on around him. And he’ll be able to watch his baby brother experience the magic too!

This year will be a bit strange though. Not only because we don’t know how many of us will be able to get together to celebrate – the same for most of you, no doubt.

But also, it’s our first one without Grandad Dave. I am sure he’ll be watching the boys’ excitement and wonderment from wherever he is! He would love to know we are enjoying it. So, enjoy it – we will!

It’s going to be amazingly easy to go overboard with the Christmas experience this year, with it being so much of a challenge so far!

So, here’s a few things for you to think about before getting too carried away, as it’s very tempting to do for baby’s first Christmas.

A bit of guidance on making baby’s first Christmas one to remember.

Make it memorable

2020 will already be going down in history. But make your baby’s first Christmas memorable for the right reasons!

Technology is an amazing tool for us all to use – whether it be using your smartphones to take the most amazing pictures and videos, or tablets and laptops to Zoom or facetime your loved ones all around the world. You don’t ever need to forget these special times. It’s not like years ago when we had to remember to turn the flash on the camera, and then wait three weeks for your photos to come back to see whether they had turned out or not!

A personalised Christmas book is always a sweet thing and could come out for many years to come – make it a Christmas Eve tradition to read their first book again. Baby’s first Christmas bauble for the tree. Or a Christmas Eve keepsake box. There really are so many options

Keep to your routine

No matter when you gave birth, if this is the baby's first Christmas, you will still be in the throes of learning what they want and need and when.

If you’re anything like me, the experience of going through pandemic pregnancy and then a lockdown birth has taken a lot out of us.

So, with less pressure on us all to travel this year, now might just be the perfect excuse to stay warm and cosy with your newborn. If you are lucky enough to have guests or visit friends and family though, be mindful of baby’s routine. It means much more activity and excitement around you and your baby than normal and could completely ‘discombobulate’ you all!

Christmas Presents

Ooh where do we start? Let’s think of grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, and uncles first. They might not have been able to see baby yet and could well miss out this Christmas too.

So how about getting a bit crafty? Prints of a little foot or hand in clay to make an ornament for the tree, or a gift they can keep which will let them feel close to your baby. Even a hand or footprint in paint on paper to send to them will still bring a smile and make an ideal baby's first Christmas present to them.

As for presents for the baby, be realistic!

At this stage they won’t know what’s inside the bright and colourful wrapping paper or Christmas stocking, so why not ask for items that you’re missing? Teething toys, rattles, changing mat, a nappy bin – anything that will help with your daily routines, that you might want more of or have missed out on so far. It’ll be just as magical for baby to see you smiling as you unwrap the presents, they have many years ahead of them yet!

Christmas Clothes

Get dressed up in your Santa hats and Christmas jumpers to bring some fun to your day.

And if you have the energy to do it, dress your baby up too – nothing too fussy, just a little red blanket and a ribbon or a bow will do it. But you’ll create such cute photos that can be brought out to show their partners in later life!

Try to discourage people buying too many clothes for them for their first Christmas though. Before you know it, they’re popping out of their rompers and into dungarees! Go for practical if you can. But Baby’s First Christmas baby grow, or bib, is always a favourite.

Whatever you decide to wear yourself, just go for comfort over style – that’ll be me this year!


Much as you probably had a vision of a beautiful tree, fully decorated, and festooned with warm glowing twinkly lights; a stunning fireplace with holly and berries around it; and a beautiful wreath on your door, you’ll probably just about have the energy to put your cards up on display!

Although it is wonderful to see your little ones smiling as they see the lights shining, don’t put yourself under pressure to ‘deck the halls’ the way you usually do.

If you have other children, ask them to help you decorate. They will love it.

Peace and Goodwill

Or do I mean peace and quiet?! You will need some down time. Even if you are desperate to make this the best Christmas, and you want to keep everyone happy, you will need a rest.

Goodwill to all will come at a cost to you if you keep going without a break. So, a little nap every now and again will help; take a nice warm bath with a book; or snuggling up with your other children to watch their favourite movie will do you all the world of good.

And that leads me to think about our other children.

Baby will already be grabbing much of the limelight, and it will have changed their world too when their little brother or sister came along. So, think about their Christmas too. Let them join in with as much of the preparation as possible, which will also keep them occupied of course.

Baby’s First Christmas Eve

I know I want all of my boys to be involved in everything from baking to decorating the house; family time and snuggles on the sofa; new pyjamas for us all; footprints through the house; Rudolph’s carrot with a mince pie and glass of his favourite tipple for Father Christmas. Oh yes, we have it all lined up!

Even though Grandad Dave can’t be with us, our Christmas will be magical for my boys, and I hope your baby's first Christmas is too.

Much love x